About Translunar

Translunar is the music of Darrell Farnsworth, long time musician and producer, showcasing a sound incorporating many textures and genres including Trance, Electronica, Progressive Rock and Electro.

My influences include some of the great trendsetters in electronic music like Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield and Vangelis, as well as some of today’s groundbreaking artists in the form of Goldfrapp, William Orbit and the Orb. I believe that by listening to the work of these founders and contemporaries, I have gained a greater understanding of what I am trying to achieve as a musician in my own right.

Translunar has been defined by my involvement in the web-based music portal Soundcloud, giving me the opportunity to present my creations to many other music industry musicians, producers and DJ’s.

By utilising Soundcloud, I have seen my music become as popular as it has ever been. It provides me with the interaction of other likeminded individuals and gives me the confidence to develop my music, in the knowledge that at least some people like it!

Take some time to sample my creations, see what I am doing, or drop me a line …