New Album – Terraformers

Well the past few months have been a great time for me musically. Having had released four albums previously I have always felt that musically the whole process has been hard at times, particularly in relation to producing ‘something different’ and this has perhaps clouded my view of what I am trying to achieve as a composer and producer of Electronic Music.

In fact for me trying to find a ‘sound’ has always been the hardest part of making music. Whether I get compared to Vangelis or Jean Michel Jarre has never really bothered me as I personally believe that it is very hard for any musician or composer to find something really different to say in the field of electronic music, however I possibly spent too much time trying i think to create a sound based around a combination of today’s electronic music genres including Progressive Trance, Minimal Techno and also melodic electronic music of yesteryear, however with my new album Terraformers I feel I have really actually created my own sound.

The actual album in a sense like all of my albums is a concept and that concept is about the future artificial creation of liveable worlds and the back story to how this happens and I hope in doing this I can take the listener into a sense of how future space travellers or world builders will feel as they carry out this monumental task, however more than that this ¬†for me is a great example of what makes TRANSLUNAR unique in today’s world of Electronic Music. The melodies are as dramatic and epic in scope as I can possibly make but this album has real soul I think. Why don’t you take a listen and find out yourself?

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